In a Domain-Driven Design (DDD), one domain could send integration events for further processing in another system. However, the different domains could model entities differently, and we need a translation layer in between to keep a consistent mapping between the two domains.

In this blog post, we show one way of converting an integration event to a series of Capture-Data-Change (CDC) events that are easier to consume by a Graph DB.The code associated with this Blog is published on GitHub:

Transforming integration event context to Graph CDC events


This blog post is very hands-on, rapidly exploring different solutions and their limitations. I assume deep knowledge of…

As applications get more complex with many moving parts, integration tests against the full-stack are becoming more critical. In this article, I’ll show how to use docker-compose in a Spring Boot application with Neo4j backend to aid both the development and the integration tests.

This blog post assumes that you already know what integration tests are, how Gradle works. Spring Boot and Neo4j are just example components for the project. The code for this post is available on Github.

Creating fresh Spring Boot application.

Before we start with integration tests, let’s create a simple project. In this project, we have a RESTful API that manages…

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